An Ailment and a Cure

Just as we were reminiscing about the greatness of Ludicra, it seems they are partially being brought back to life. Christy and Laurie started a new band called Ails that carries the spirit and torch of the Bay Area greats. The band posted the following demo on Soundcloud with little information or fanfare, but it’s absolutely mesmerizing. The familiar vocals are as comforting as they are deranged and the song twists and turns as you would expect from the fretboard magicians. Other than the two members, nothing is known about the band at this time. It’s tough not to get too excited about this, but it’s a welcome piece of news from a band that ended much too soon.

Ludicra Live


It should be no secret that I consider Ludicra to be one of the most important black metal acts of all time. Their fiery brand of crusty, forward-thinking USBM is as unrivaled today as it was when they formed in the late 90s. But even a band who has been broken up for years can continue to surprise. The band recently updated their Bandcamp page to include a wealth of demos and live recordings spanning their career. From turn of the millenium shows in the Bay Area to studio rehearsals there’s a ton of material to be explored. But what’s really special is the recording from 2011’s incarnation of Roadburn, one of the final shows the band played. Early versions, shitty versions, and a few rare tracks, there’s hours of never before heard Ludicra to be consumed. All free, it’s a wonderful parting gift from one of America’s most important bands.

A Pledge of Dekadence


Let’s face it, satan worship and grim posturing gets old pretty quickly. What once may have been perceived as truly evil and scary is now a marketing ploy used to draw in listeners and even distract from subpar music. Not all black metallists should don corpse paint and bullet belts, and thankfully, they don’t. A far cry from the aforementioned stereotype, Dekadent, a Slovenian quartet, embrace the lighter side of life with a positively uplifting style of black metal.

Unlike any blackened band I’ve ever heard, they use charming melodies with a wall of sound so thick you’ll think Devin Townsend is the mastermind behind the project. A dash of death metal and prog add to the already hauntingly beautiful atmosphere to create something truly unique. The band’s third album, Venera: Trial & Tribulation, is a glorious diversion in an otherwise bleak landscape.

Four years since its release, the band has the next album recorded and waiting for an unsuspecting audience. But they’re asking for a little help. A Pledgemusic campaign has launched to help with the manufacture and distribution of the album, as well as a short film that accompanies the music. I could ramble on at length about the pros and cons of crowdfunding, but at the end of the day it’s little more than a pre-order. And judging by the strength of the below single, the album looks to be promising. You have until February 20th to donate, if you like what you hear.