The Shadows Gather

Gathering of Shadows

Gathering of Shadows 2012 has been announced, and the eighth inception of this anti-festival has a surprisingly killer lineup. If you aren’t familiar, Gathering of Shadows is a cvltist’s wet dream; a weekend meeting of underground black metal bands to perform in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Patrons gather their tents and make their way to an undisclosed location in Colorado to witness the blackest of the black rituals performed by firelight.

Curated by Colorado natives and atonal madmen Nightbringer, this year’s inception — dubbed “Sorcery of the Fifth Sun” — is especially unique because it’s featuring USBM masters Nachtmystium. Support includes nature-minded Velnias and notorious collective Krieg among other grim hordes. The only way to gain access is to email the organizers at No word on how many spots are available, how much it costs (if anything), or much of anything really other than it’s taking place on July 27th and 28th. A bit odd that an “underground” show such as this is promoting itself heavily via Social Media, but I guess that’s inevitable with such a big headliner. Gathering of Shadows will no doubt be a pilgrimage for the trvest and most dedicated, a black metal experience like no other.

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