Quick and Dirty: Oak Pantheon – The Void

Oak Pantheon - The Void
Release: EP, 2011 (Self-Released)
Genre: Folk/Doom, Black Metal
Sonic Brethren: Agalloch, Agalloch, Agalloch

Oh shit, I accidentally put on my Agalloch record. Weird, The Mantle must have been merged into these tracks. Wait a minute, this isn’t Agalloch, this is what Oak Pantheon sounds like. If I hadn’t double checked my iTunes, I would have legitimately thought I had just acquired an unreleased Agalloch release, that’s how similar these guys are. Hardly distinguishable in any way other than the deliciously phlegmy vocals and muffled drums. The eco-asthetic, the haunting acoustic passages, the tremolo-happy melodic guitars, it’s all there. If you like the Pacific Nortwest quartet you’ll dig this release… Or completely despise it for ripping them off and not improving or expanding on their sound in any way. Your call.

I’m nevertheless going to check out their new album once it drops, as this rough track has some pretty interesting progressive tendencies. Plus I can’t hear the name Aspen without thinking about Dumb and Dumber, so that’s always a plus.

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