And so Comes the Plague

October Falls - The Plague of a Coming Age

Over the past few months, Finnish neo-folk/black metallers October Falls have been quietly releasing updates regarding their new album, The Plague of a Coming Age. Slated to be nine tracks and almost an hour long, the new LP will feature Ensiferum bassist Sami Hinkka and Moonsorrow drummer Marko Tarvonen in addition to mastermind vocalist/guitarist Mikko Lehto. Mikko has been sporadically updating the band’s Facebook page with hints as to what we can expect the new album to sound like:

I’d say it’s metal. Black metal? Maybe not as much as previous releases, there are blastbeats, fast stuff, but also a lot of mid tempo stuff and the whole thing is a bit more of everything than before: there are some clean vocals by a guest singer, some steel-string acoustics, more riffing overall than before (instead of the wall of sound), more individual songs than just a concept album like usually earlier.

The most recent update shows Lehto hoping for a “late summer or early autumn” release date. Above is the album artwork from Argentinian illustrator Santiago Caruso, which is a stark departure from the band’s previous releases which always featured Lehto’s nature photography. Hear a piece from their 2010 album, A Collapse of Faith, below.

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