Quick and Dirty: Fever Sea – The Deluge

Fever Sea - The Deluge

Release: Demo, 2012 (Self-Released)
Genre: Progressive Metal
Sonic Brethren: Wildernessking, Iron Thrones, November’s Doom

Having never before heard the band, I checked out this demo with zero expectations. Their Bandcamp and Metal-Archives pages throw them into the Black Metal subgenre, but as a connoisseur of our favorite Norwegian export I would have to respectfully disagree. Apart from the occasional raspy vocals, nothing about Fever Sea can really be considered kvlt. There’s clean singing, gorgeous production (especially considering it’s a demo), jazz-infused interludes and complex song structures that weave in and out. Change the vocals and guitar tone a bit and people would most likely complain these Englishmen are another cheap Opeth clone.

But they take a few more cues from their American prog and post-rock brothers than the the Swedish masters. They write rich, textured bridges filled with ambient beauty which quickly dissipate into double bass-filled jam sessions. It’s an extremely interesting listen, but the incorporation of so many genres can be frustrating at times. The Deluge sounds like just that: a flood of influences battling for dominance. It’ll be interesting to see who wins.

Final Thoughts: An extremely well-written and promising demo. If they can figure themselves out, Fever Sea will go a long way.

2 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty: Fever Sea – The Deluge

  1. thanks for the review. I wouldn’t describe us as black metal, although alot of the lyrical themes address are probably alot more occult influenced than most “generic black metal” bands.

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