No Woe for the Death of Man

A Spell for the Death of Man on Bandcamp

Although it’s almost 3 years old now, Woe’s A Spell for the Death of Man was just uploaded to Bandcamp today. It’s available for just $5, with all the proceeds going into their tour fund. The Philly-based quartet have an intensely mesmerizing live show, so hopefully this release can help pay for another national tour. If you don’t have this album, do yourself a favor and pick it up – it’s one of my favorite Black Metal albums of all time. And in even better news, multi-instrumentalist Chris Grigg recently announced on his blog┬áthat Woe headed into the studio this past Saturday to begin work on album #3. Can’t wait to hear it.

Their more recent effort, Quietly, Undramatically, was remixed and remastered last year and uploaded exclusively to Candlelight’s Bandcamp. It’s also a phenomenal album that brings a bit more of their punk aesthetic into the mix.

Update: Woe also just added their first demo, Absinthe Invocation, to the Bandcamp for just a buck.

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