Quick and Dirty: Vattnet Viskar – S/T

Vattnet Viskar

Release: EP, 2012 (Self-Released)
Genre: Ambient Black Metal/Doom
Sonic Brethren: Anicon, Altar of Plagues, Nachtmystium

Vatnett Viskar are a force that has been dominating the New England black metal scene as of late. Their unique mix of ambient black metal with doomed tendencies is just the tip of the iceberg in what makes up their complex sound; sometimes you’ll be gazing at your shoes, sometimes you’ll be pumping your fist and sometimes both at the same time. The self-titled EP is a lightning storm of electric energy, with each song building and expanding on the previous, culminating in the ever-changing, explosive “Barren Earth.” The band is overflowing with original ideas, but they’re able to perfectly balance the abundance of sonic elements into an entity that’s palatable on the first listen, and ample leaves room for repeat listening.

The recent movement of ambient/post black metal in the US has very much been kept in the underground, running mainly through DIY and very small indie labels. But last month Vatnett Viskar signed to the almighty Century Media, an incredible feat for a young band with only a handful of recorded songs. They’ll be in the spotlight soon with a 2013 full-length assault, and if it’s anything like their previous work you should already be excited.

Final Thoughts: Fantastically rich and textured, this EP showcases a band just getting started on a promising career in making sounds wholly their own.

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