Thrawsunblat Need Your Help, Even if You Can’t Pronounce Their Name


In 2010 Thrawsunblat quietly released Canada 2010, a majestic Canadian folk/black epic. Originally a Woods of Ypres side project, guitarist Joel Violette has since teamed up with Rae Amitay of Mares of Thrace fame to record a new album, Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings. The independent band has been working hard on recording the new album and has started a fundraiser to help cover recording costs. Normally I’m against bands doing Kickstarter-esque crowdsourcing, but Thrawsunblat aren’t a bunch of kids trying to write their first album. They’re season musicians with a proven track record of excellence, and they’re hardly asking for much. The fundraiser is being run through Facebook and Paypal, so if you’re inclined read the incentives and instructions here. The band has already reached their goal of $2,800 but donations are being accepted through November 5th.

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