Eternal War Invades Oregon

Eternal Warfare Fest
Of all the exciting news I’ve been bombarded with since my arrival home, this is definitely the most tantalizing. The recently announced Eternal Warfare Festival is set to take place in Salem, OR during the last weekend of March. Obviously showcasing the label’s finest, the three-day lineup also includes some of the best black/doom acts this area of the world has to offer. Mania, Hell and Wolvserpent are the highlights on Friday while Saturday sees even blacker fare with Cascadian heroes Alda, and devastating filth from Lake of Blood, Barghest and L’acephale. Easter Sunday will host a unconventional lineup, focusing on neo-folk, ambient and noise artists which has the possibility of becoming incredibly tedious. Aerial Ruin is fantastic, but I’m not sure I’m not sure I’ll be able to sit through an entire day of esoteric obscurity.

But the most exciting news is the possibility of friends and titans False being added to the bill. If pre-sales hit a certain number, the label will fly out the Minneapolis crew for a headlining spot on Saturday. To help speed along the process, a Kickstarter has been set up for those who want to give a little extra to support the fantastic weekend, with appropriate tiered gifts. Buy your tickets – like, right now – here. As excited as I am for this festival, it’s making me insanely jealous that Seattle doesn’t have one of its own… anyone want to change that?

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