Morning’s Dawn Gets Closer but Usurpers Creep In


After a torturous seven year wait, Austrian Atani Summoning have finally confirmed news of their next full length. Here’s an excerpt from the band’s website:

So it is done finally. Today, after seven years of silence we have finished the work for our new album “Old Mornings Dawn”. The master tape is on its way to Napalm Records. As soon as they fix a release date (which is probably in may), the one minute teaser will be on-line on their homepage. We think this will happen during the next days.

The new CD will consist on 7 songs and one intro. Here is the track list of the forthcoming Album.

1. Evernight
2. Flammifer
3. Old Mornings Dawn
4. The white Tower
5. Caradhras
6. Of pale white Morns and darkened Eves
7. The wandering Fire
8. Earthshine

The band promises two bonus tracks for the album, available on the vinyl and deluxe editions of the record. They’re also hinting at a website redesign, which makes me think the notoriously quiet duo will be a bit more in the spotlight during this release. Summoning was my introduction to black metal, and my little heart can’t wait to hear the next sojourn through the mountains and valleys of Middle Earth.

But if you don’t want to wait for the new album, check out Caladan Brood, an American pair who rip off the Austrian duo in just about every way; even going so far as to base all their lyrics on an epic fantasy novel. Seriously, if someone made me listen to this then told me it wasn’t Summoning, I’d call them a goddamn liar. I understand paying homage to your favorite band, but this is just ridiculous… or maybe downright plagiarism.

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