More Black Metal on Bandcamp

WITTR Bandcamp

In the last week, a lot of incredible music has been to my favorite platform, Bandcamp. The largest digital distributor of heavy music, Metal Hit, has just created a new page on the site and uploaded a decent portion of their catalog. The albums are organized by genre and all available for just $5. Sunyata and Head of the Demon stand out immediately because I have previously featured them on this site, but there’s a ton of other great music that wasn’t available digitally before this, like the latest from Danish death greats Deus Otiosus and Greek black thrashers Ravencult. Spend some time digging through the 200+ albums and you’re sure to find something more than palatable.

In another massive upload, Cascadian godfathers Wolves in the Throne Room have uploaded almost their entire discography. It includes my personal favorite release from the duo, the fantastic 2009 EP Malevolent Grain. And for the last piece of this Bandcamp round-up, a band that I have been writing about nonstop recently opened up a page of their own. October Falls have decided to make some of their rare work available digitally, starting with a track from a 2008 7-inch and one from a 2010 compilation. Expect more material to be uploaded in the coming weeks. I recently reviewed their newest opus, The Plague of a Coming Age, for Metal Bandcamp, and I interviewed project mastermind M. Lehto for Cvlt Nation.

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