An Unlikely Split


Two incredible musicians have just announced a split together, and it instantly became one of my most anticipated records of the year. Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle/Taurus/awesome tattoos fame is collaborating with Drift of a Curse’s Erik Moggridge to release a twelve track collaboration seeing the musicians trade vocal and guitar duties. Moggridge, a veteran of the Bay Area thrash and death metal scene, has spent the past few years on his solo acoustic project, Aerial Ruin. I’m not normally one for lone acoustic music, but 2011’s Valleys of the Earth is one of my most-listened to relaxing albums, and most metalheads will find solace in his gloomy, almost doom-ridden folk. And while I haven’t listened to too much of Floyd’s Taurus, Dark Castle put out some extremely interesting and crushing doom that fits nicely on the Profound Lore roster. Additional dark wizardry will be provided by infamous USBM lurker Wrest.

Unfortunately there are no samples of the split to check out yet, but it promises to be “a wholly absorbing, folk-centric offering” so it’s not hard to imagine something similar to Aerial Ruin. The split will be available for preorder on digital or vinyl via either of the artist’s Bandcamp pages. The still-untitled album will be available August 1st.

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