Like Magic

Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi

One of my favorite albums of 2012 was the debut from Greece’s Hail Spirit Noir. The insane psychedelic and progressive elements mixed with black metal made for one of the most unique releases I’ve ever heard, in any genre. So a few months ago when I was emailing the band about if they had plans to release it on vinyl I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were putting the final touches on their follow-up. Titled Oi Magoi (The Magician) it is now complete and will be unleashed in less than two months, a quick turnaround to be sure. Look for the album on January 20th via Code 666. The track list for 49 minute album is as follows:

1. Blood Guru
2. Demon for a Day
3. Satan is Time
4. Satyriko Orgio (Satyrs’ Orgy)
5. The Mermaid
6. Hunters
7. Oi Magoi

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