Looking Ever Forward

Recently, I’ve caught myself spending too much time worrying about upcoming releases rather than seeking out gems hidden and obvious from the past. Realizing this, I’ve made a notable effort to pick up any essentials that can’t be overlooked. Whether it’s the simple-yet-deadly attack of Sargeist, the folk-tinged melodies of Taake, or the unclassifiable primal extremism of Rotting Christ, there will always be discographies that I get into much later than I admittedly should. But I am admittedly mortal with only so much time in the day, although I wish there was more to grow my freshly rediscovered Last.fm account.

But with that said, there is also an air of excitement when discovering a new band, promoting an upcoming release, or spreading the word about unsung heroes. Here are just a few of recently announced works that likely won’t disappoint.

It seems impossible that I keep discovering more melodic black metal from Scandinavia. And yet here comes Vinterbris with their sophomore effort dropping on June 16th. The tracks released so far reveal just the sort of balanced chaos that yours truly drools over.

Profound Lore is a label that rarely disappoints, and the sludgy USBM of Wolvhammer will no doubt be another great addition to their already stunning catalog.

And no roundup would be complete without a nod to the tireless efforts of Hell’s Headbangers, whose filth-mongers Midnight are a mainstay in underground blaspheming majesty. Expect this follow-up to Satanic Royalty on August 19.

It’s already been an absolutely incredible 2014 for black metal and will no doubt get better.

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