A Pledge of Dekadence


Let’s face it, satan worship and grim posturing gets old pretty quickly. What once may have been perceived as truly evil and scary is now a marketing ploy used to draw in listeners and even distract from subpar music. Not all black metallists should don corpse paint and bullet belts, and thankfully, they don’t. A far cry from the aforementioned stereotype, Dekadent, a Slovenian quartet, embrace the lighter side of life with a positively uplifting style of black metal.

Unlike any blackened band I’ve ever heard, they use charming melodies with a wall of sound so thick you’ll think Devin Townsend is the mastermind behind the project. A dash of death metal and prog add to the already hauntingly beautiful atmosphere to create something truly unique. The band’s third album, Venera: Trial & Tribulation, is a glorious diversion in an otherwise bleak landscape.

Four years since its release, the band has the next album recorded and waiting for an unsuspecting audience. But they’re asking for a little help. A Pledgemusic campaign has launched to help with the manufacture and distribution of the album, as well as a short film that accompanies the music. I could ramble on at length about the pros and cons of crowdfunding, but at the end of the day it’s little more than a pre-order. And judging by the strength of the below single, the album looks to be promising. You have until February 20th to donate, if you like what you hear.

Update: The band extended the campaign by a month and reached their goal with one day to spare.

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