The Ice Age Returns


One of 2010’s best albums was the debut of Swedish melodic black metallers Istapp. Blekinge is a catchy, icy romp that pays homage to the countrymen’s history of black metal with an ear for melody. It wasn’t a typical release for Metal Blade Records, but instead of marketing that fact the label offered the band little to no promotion and then promptly dropped them when the album didn’t sell well.

I had assumed that was it for Istapp but now, five years later, it seems the band has reformed as a duo and is set to release their follow-up on Trollzorn Records. Frostbiten has been completely recorded, and the band offered a sneak peak. It’s very similar to what they were doing before, but such a triumphant sound is very worthy of more exploration. I’ll be sure to keep you updated when more information or music comes available.

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